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The Health of your Business

Do you need more than the out-of-the-box transactional reports in Keap? We enable you to understand the key SaaS based metrics for your business by helping re-envision your Keap data in ChartMogul.

Understand your MRR movements, churn, lifetime value, cohort retention, and a lot more!

The Health of your Business

Boost Your Sync with Custom Sidecar Logic

Billing data is messy, systems are customizable, and you bill in a way that works for you. We have the ability to quickly add custom logic to your sync with Keap so that it works for you - while also working for ChartMogul.

Sidecar Logic

How it Works

  • SaaSync connects to Keap and ChartMogul
  • We do a review with you to identify any non-standard configuration or usage of Keap
  • We configure the sync to work with your instance of Keap
  • Data is continuously synced from Keap to ChartMogul

What is ChartMogul?

ChartMogul is a subscription data platform that makes it simple to consolidate, clean, segment, and visualize your billing data. It enables you to better understand your key SaaS metrics such as MRR, LTV, Churn, and cohort retention.


Pricing Starts at $19/mo per Connection Source

Based on Monthly Invoice Gross Revenue*

< $5k
* Based on previous 3 month average.
** Custom sidecar logic is an additional $100/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the SaaSync integration for Infusionsoft do?Expand/Collapse

The integration pulls sales and e-commerce information (customers, invoices and payments) and transforms the data into a way that it can be connected and sent to ChartMogul.

2. How does the SaaSync integration for Infusionsoft work?Expand/Collapse

SaaSync will pull the data from Infusionsoft via API. It will automatically transform the data into the required format for sending it on to ChartMogul.

3. How do you authenticate SaaSync to Infusionsoft?Expand/Collapse

SaaSync will pull the data from Infusionsoft via API. To authenticate SaaSync to Infusionsoft, upon setting up the data source you will be required to provide OAuth access to Infusionsoft. This may require certain access levels in Infusionsoft.

4. Does SaaSync store my customer information on its servers?Expand/Collapse

We do not store your Infusionsoft data long term. For performance reasons and to reduce API rate limit exceptions, we may cache some data for up to one hour at which time the cache is cleared.

5. How long will the initial import of my data take?Expand/Collapse

That depends upon how much history you have in Infusionsoft. The Infusionsoft API has fairly restrictive rate limits that we must abide by. Therefore, it can take hours to days for the initial sync to complete. The good news is that incremental syncs from that point forward are completed roughly every 10 minutes.

6. What are the known limitations of the Keap Infusionsoft integration?Expand/Collapse
  • When sending Infusionsoft data to ChartMogul, we strongly recommend setting your churn recognition setting in ChartMogul to Always recognize cancellations as churn at the time of cancellation. This allows us to properly set the churn date that the billing system provides. This is a global setting and will affect all data sources.
  • A subscription can be billed at a different interval from the product interval in Keap. At this time, we currently use the product interval.
  • The "end date" field on a subscription is what is used to churn a customer. This field is a date only field without time. It can be set to any date in the future and we use this date plus midnight (UTC) as the time of the churn.
  • If no end date is specified but the subscription is marked inactive, we use the next scheduled bill date as the churn date.
  • Because Infusionsoft doesn't validate email addresses upon data entry, invalid email addresses will not be synced to ChartMogul. If a customer record has an invalid email in Keap, the record will sync to ChartMogul but because the email address fails validation it is not stored in ChartMogul.
  • If a contact ID changes on a subscription (you move a subscription from one Contact to another), it will lead to duplicated subscriptions in ChartMogul.

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