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ChartMogul for WooCommerce by SaaSync


Integration FAQ

1. What does the SaaSync integration for WooCommerce do?Expand/Collapse

The integration pulls sales information (customers, subscriptions, invoices and payments) and transforms the data into a way that it can be connected and sent to ChartMogul.

2. Do I need WooCommerce Subscriptions to use SaaSync?Expand/Collapse

Yes. You will need to be using WooCommerce's Subscription Extension in order for this sync to work.

3. What kind of API Key is needed to enable the WooCommerce integration?Expand/Collapse

There are two things to keep in mind in order to properly setup an API key for use with WooCommerce and SaaSync. The first thing is that the API key must be associated with a user that has aShop Manager role . The second thing to note is that if the key is given Read/Write permissions SaaSync can properly setup the appropriate webhooks that are needed for the integration to work. On the other hand if you desire to only give the key Read permissions the integration will still work but only after you manually setup the webhooks information in WooCommerce.

4. What are the requirements of the WooCommerce integration?Expand/Collapse

In addition to using WooCommerce's Subscription Extension, you must be using WooCommerce 3.5 or newer (REST API v3) and WordPress 4.4+. You must enable pretty permalinks in Settings > Permalinks (default permalinks will not work).

5. How does the SaaSync integration for WooCommerce work?Expand/Collapse

SaaSync will pull the data from WooCommerce via API. It will automatically transform the data into the required format for sending it on to ChartMogul.

6. Does SaaSync store my customer information on its servers?Expand/Collapse

We do not store your WooCommerce customer data. For performance reasons and to reduce API rate limit exceptions, we may cache some data for up to one hour at which time the cache is cleared. We also may log error responses from the source / destination systems for up to 14 days and log an audit trail of actions peformed for up to 30 days.