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ChartMogul for Memberful by SaaSync


Integration FAQ

1. What does the SaaSync integration for Memberful do?Expand/Collapse

The integration pulls sales information (members, subscriptions and orders) and transforms the data into a way that it can be connected and sent to ChartMogul.

2. How does the SaaSync integration for Memberful work?Expand/Collapse

SaaSync will pull the data from Memberful via API. It will automatically transform the data into the required format for sending it on to ChartMogul.

3. Does SaaSync store my customer information on its servers?Expand/Collapse

We do not store your Memberful customer data. For performance reasons and to reduce API rate limit exceptions, we may cache some data for up to one hour at which time the cache is cleared. We also may log error responses from the source / destination systems for up to 14 days and log an audit trail of actions peformed for up to 30 days.

4. Are webhooks required?Expand/Collapse

Yes, currently they are required to keep your data in sync with Memberful. If you have any issues setting up the webhook for Memberful, please reach out to us.

5. What are the known limitations of the Memberful integration?Expand/Collapse

Limitations of the Memberful API restrict the integraiton in the known following ways:

  • The Memberful user interface allows users to delete subscriptions, which removes the subscription from history in the API as well. It effectively orphans orders and makes them appear as one time transactions. When a member churns, it's best to either move them to a free plan or "disable auto-renew".
  • The Memberful API does not break out fee amounts, thus the data sent to ChartMogul doesn't break it out either.
  • The Memberful API does break out tax amounts but provides no indication as to if the tax is exclusive or inclusive. For now, the data sent to ChartMogul assumes all taxes to be exclusive.
  • Group subscriptions supported on the Memberful Premium plan are not currently supported.
  • We do our best to handle member upgrades, however the Memberful API doesn't indicate which plan group setting you use (currently or in the past). This may cause discrepencies in MRR for prorated invoices until the full renewal happens.

When sending Memberful data to ChartMogul, we strongly recommend setting your churn recognition setting in ChartMogul to Always recognize cancellations as churn at the time of cancellation. This allows us to properly set the churn date that the billing system provides. This is a global setting and will affect all data sources.