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1. What can SaaSync do for my business?Expand/Collapse
At SaaSync we understand that your business is unique - and a one size fits all integration to your billing system may not work for you. In addition to building integrations that ChartMogul doesn't support natively, we also build and support integrations that can be customized to fit your businesses needs. If you have an advanced use case we can likely enable your business to understand and leverage your business subscription data.
2. Why should we use your integrations over ChartMogul's?Expand/Collapse
For many companies ChartMogul's first party integrations work great. However, they don't support all billing systems and where we have overlap, SaaSync offers the ability to customize your integration. We will sit down with you and listen to your desired outcomes and help customize one of our standard integrations to meet your needs.
3. What will it cost?Expand/Collapse

Pricing for our currently supported integrations can be found on the landing pages for each respective integration. The list of those integrations can be found here.

Should you have custom requirements, we will talk to you and get an understanding of your project and give you and estimate at no cost. If you require customizations to an already existing integration that we support, many times those changes can be made in a day or two at little to no cost to you. If you have a billing system that you'd like us to support, we can usually add a new billing system in a week - but pricing in this case depends upon the commercial viability to resell that integration to others. We also support companies that have homegrown billing systems unique to only them, in which case we will review the project and provide a project proposal at no cost.

4. What kind of data cleanup services do you provide?Expand/Collapse
Many times billing systems get introduced with buggy implementations that result in bad data. That data when sent to other systems such as ChartMogul become a case of GIGO (garbage in garbage out). We can help solve this problem by indentifying and correcting the data on the way into ChartMogul so that realics of the past get cleaned up giving you meaningful data that you can trust in ChartMogul.

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